Area of activity


The accounting field, although vast, has always been based on the quality of the financial statements you need. No management decision is possible without a balance sheet and profit and loss accounts, which fully and accurately reflect your company’s operations.


The audit prepared by a neutral body allows you to have an external and objective vision of your business. Under the law, all companies, regardless of their legal form, are subject to audit.


The tax sector is constantly evolving. Our specialists closely follow the developments in this area by studying the case law of the Federal Court, the new circulars of the Federal Administration of contributions, changes in the conventions with other countries as well as changes in the cantonal tax laws.

Business advice

Without having your professional skills, in its area of expertise, our team has the skills that can contribute to your success. To meet the demands of and face an increasingly binding and demanding market, businesses must be able to find the right solutions for their development and their sustainability.

Human resources

At the core of any organisation, the human capital is vital for its proper functioning. The human resources function is therefore of utmost importance at all levels of the company. It guarantees the productivity of the business trough competent and motivated staff.

Legal advice

Fidexaudit SA offers a high quality service to examine and resolve your legal issues. Our specialists are on hand to advice you in many different areas.


All business leaders are confronted at some point with the issue of their succession. This is a crucial step, and a very sensitive issue both for them and their family, and for the business and its commercial partners.