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The tax sector is constantly evolving. Our specialists closely follow the developments in this area by studying the case law of the Federal Court, the new circulars of the Federal Administration of contributions, changes in the double treaty agreements with other countries as well as changes in the cantonal tax laws.

The complexity of taxation means that corporate, self-employed workers and individuals are subject to various taxes: VAT, direct federal tax, cantonal, communal and possibly international taxes. Faced with this diversity, it is important to be properly advised. As each case is specific, Fidexaudit SA closely examines the personal situation of each of its clients, to be able to offer them excellent advice.

Among its missions in this area, we handle tax returns, tax audits, represent our clients before the tax services, advise them with respect to appeals against tax decisions and in the planning and calculation of their tax costs. We intervene on behalf of our clients across the entire French-speaking region of Switzerland. Our tax advice is global: on a Swiss and international level.

Our services

Advice, study and consultancy at national and international level
Advice for business leaders, company officers and private individuals
VAT consultancy, national and international
Tax assistance for physical persons and legal entities
Preparation of tax returns

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