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The audit prepared by a neutral body allows you to have an external and objective vision of your business. Under the law, all companies, regardless of their legal form, are subject to audit.

Currently, the companies which reach the following thresholds, for 2 consecutive financial years, are subject to regular audit:

Balance sheet total: 20 million Francs
Turnover: 40 million Francs
Staff: An annual average of 250 full-time staff

The others are subject to limited audit (review).

Companies with less than 10 employees may decide not to submit their accounts to a limited audit (review), provided that they are not subject to ordinary audit and that they have obtained the agreement of all shareholders.

Our professional priority and permanent commitment are to offer you our skills in order to combine restrictive audit work with sound advice which can further the prosperity of your business.

Our team audits the accounts of businesses and also those of local authorities, intercommunal associations, profit or non-profit organisations, foundations and LPP foundations.

Fidexaudit SA and Fidexaudit Révision SA are approved as licensed audit experts by the Swiss Federal Audit Oversight Authority (Autorité Fédérale de Surveillance de révision (ASR)). It performs its missions through its associates, also approved as licensed audit experts or licensed auditors by the ASR.

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