Firmly established in Lausanne, in the economic heart of the canton of Vaud, Fidexaudit is a leading player in its sector of activities, widely acknowledged for its professionalism. The firm is headed by Mr. Yves Marguerat, associated with Messrs. Eric Mercanton-Malikov, Stéphane Jacaccia.

Over twenty employees, mostly qualified, offer a high level of multidisciplinary competences on a daily basis, ensuring excellent results for the benefit of its clients. Through the continuous updating of its sources and ongoing training, Fidexaudit confirms its specific strengths, for each of its missions.

Since its creation in 1993, Fidexaudit has asserted the dynamism of its expertise and its quality of legal and tax advice, both for corporate and private clients, including on an international level through a highly efficient association: EuraAudit International (with members in over 60 countries over the 5 continents).


Faced with the multitude of geo-economic issues and the challenges of globalisation, as well as the strategic choices they entail, the decisions of corporate managers must be fully and accurately informed by rigorous information and relevant advice.

Fidexaudit offers its multidisciplinary skills and relies on the total involvement of its teams to accompany the development and growth of the businesses and institutions which place their trust in our professionalism.

Fidexaudit has developed a variety of skills built around its audit, chartered accounting, general accounting, analytical and budgetary and strategic advice missions. These skills cover all areas, from organisation to tax advice, including business law, corporate law and labour law.

Fidexaudit thus asserts its authenticity, its originality and its capacity to be a significant, dynamic and effective player in its professional sector. We attach great importance to the human relationship, which is at the heart of our daily commitment, and we focus on all the needs of our clients.