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The IAS/FRS standards

At the time of globalisation, the standardisation of accounting procedures is more important than ever, to allow the comparison of financial statements. This book offers a systematic and simplified approach, allowing each standard to be easily understood through many practical examples. It is above all intended for teachers and students in the economic sector, but also to accountants in businesses and firms. This edition is bilingual (French-English).


Las Normas NIC/NIIF

This is a translation and an up-date of the book referred to above, in English and in Spanish. Published at end of May 2015.


Taxes in Europe

A structured presentation of comparisons between the tax systems of 23 European countries. This book is essential for all directors, tax advisers and those who wish to find out more about the tax rules in force. A new, updated edition is published each year.


The IAS/IFRS 2006 standards

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